An interactive, audiovisual installation designed to provide children with a meaningful environment for better understanding the major properties of sound.

Naturally, adults are most welcome to play too. And that will be made possible on the campus exhibition of the Ars Electronica Festival, September '06 (Linz, Austria).

The user interface is based on a self-evident metaphor :
The sound object, where graphical shapes represent sound sources that the user can manipulate on the virtual stage by moving his/her hands in front of the screen (one hand each in case of two people playing together). By affecting the position of a certain sound object, the user plays with its pitch, volume & panning.

The installation bears a two-level gameplay :
- Level 1 (learning mode) offers varying combinations of positions (represented by holes in the 'shapes & colors' theme chosen for the installation) to be reached by each sound object. In musical terms, these combinations of positions are called chords.
- Level 2 (free mode) offers a free stage to play with all objects in an uncensored, eventually non-harmonious way !