Pixel is Data for iPhone

Did you know Pixel actually is Data? What if pixels weren't necessarily supposed to look like little squares and sit in the so-called "right order"? What if what we call "real" or "true" images were not the only way the World around us can be represented? What if photographic data was just... data? What if it could be reinterpreted?

Rubans for iPad

This iPad application was developed using the CCGLTouch Cocoa wrapper for Cinder. It is an exploration of what drawing can be like with a device that allows multi-touch, attract/repulse simulation, gravity, photo shooting.


Making phone bills worth reading! In this concept project that was partly prototyped, we designed an unofficial way of producing information & presenting how we actually use our phone contracts by extracting data from bills made available by providers in PDF format.

DIRTI - Dirty Tangible Interfaces

DIRTI is a new concept in interaction design that forgoes the dogma of repeatability in favor of a more complex experience, constantly evolving, irreversible & infinitely modifiable.

C'est par là

An online, fantasy map that can be browsed either via a 1-dimensional control panel or via drag n' drop, and that shows off video content in a full-jQuery experience !

Swirls for CataRT

Swirls for Catart is an information design tool meant to help visualize data produced by granular sound analysis imported from CataRT (CataRT by Diemo Schwarz, IMTR, Ircam).


CIMES is an instrument dedicated to interpreting live and visually performing electroacoustic music pieces via a wiimote or joystick (St-Étienne Int'l Design Biennial '08).


belong to a new kind of pictures that find their roots in photography and derive from there in a quest to represent reality in a different way

Powers of 2

Powers of 2 is an essay on how it may be possible to consider digital photography as an actual medium, emancipated from traditional, silver processing photography (French only!).