Pixel is Data reloaded

Pixel is Data goes v2.1, and the main change has to do with presets: they can now be shared across your iDevices via iCloud. Also, if ever you have to remove Pixel is Data from your phone and reinstall it, all the presets will come back as if nothing ever happened.

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Text pattern tutorial

Hey happy Processing coders, here is a sample code tutorial coming from my latest round of Processing classes at Craslab Mains d'Œuvres in St-Ouen, near Paris. For the second class, as I was teaching for loops and functions, this generative pattern design sketch came out as the tutorial. Enjoy, upgrade and share!

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Culture is Data

Built using open data shared by the French Ministry of Culture, this video and the poster that comes with it illustrate in detail the density & diversity of official, cultural events in France throughout the year 2012.

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New iPhone app: Pixel is Data

Did you know Pixel actually is Data? What if pixels weren't necessarily supposed to look like little squares and sit in the so-called "right order"? What if photographic data was just... data? What if this data could be reinterpreted into new images, new representations of reality?

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