Text pattern tutorial

Hey happy Processing coders, here is a sample code tutorial coming from my latest round of Processing classes at Craslab Mains d'Œuvres in St-Ouen, near Paris. For the second class, as I was teaching for loops and functions, this generative pattern design sketch came out as the tutorial. Enjoy, upgrade and share!

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Culture is Data

Built using open data shared by the French Ministry of Culture, this video and the poster that comes with it illustrate in detail the density & diversity of official, cultural events in France throughout the year 2012.

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New iPhone app: Pixel is Data

Did you know Pixel actually is Data? What if pixels weren't necessarily supposed to look like little squares and sit in the so-called "right order"? What if photographic data was just... data? What if this data could be reinterpreted into new images, new representations of reality?

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HNY 2013

Been working lately on this free, non-standard creative tool for iPhone, using Cocoacid.org… coming soon. Meanwhile, wishing you a happy, non-standard new year! 

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