Rain making tutorial

Hey happy Processing coders, ever wondered how you can make rain come from the top of your screen by moving in front of your camera?

No? Well, I guess that's fair.

Anyway, if now you're wondering and you're feeling it's not raining enough wherever you are in the World, here is a sample code tutorial coming from my latest round of Processing classes at Craslab Mains d'Œuvres in St-Ouen, near Paris. For the fifth & sixth class, as I was preparing to teach OOP with classes & objects, this generative particle sketch came out as the tutorial. To get this to work, you need to download the latest version 2.1 of Processing. Enjoy, upgrade and share!

Some of the code is inspired from some of Robert Hodgin's own particle tutorial work published in 2008. I was still a student back then and I learnt a lot from his awesomeness. The url does not exist anymore though, sorry.