Dirty Tangible Interfaces

Control computers (and iPads) with true grit!

Dirty Tangible Interfaces (DIRTI) are a new concept in interaction design that forgoes the dogma of repeatability in favor of a richer and more complex experience, constantly evolving, irreversible & infinitely modifiable.

By video tracking granular or liquid interaction material such as sand or vanilla ice cream contained in a semi-transparent dish, DIRTI gathers real-time information about the 3D relief. This relief, and the dynamic changes applied to it by one or more players are interpreted to drive collaborative sound synthesis, to mold 3D landscapes or design abstract visuals…

The grayscale camera image is the source for detecting various parameters:

The applications that can use — and derive from the use — of DIRTI are very diverse. Here's a 3D terrain editor where holes can be dug, in order to reach water:

And here's a 3D blob visualization of that terrain:

We got our hands dirty on this:

 ★ Coming up… Futur en Seine,
Paris 2013
on June 13-16th, discover the brand new DIRTI for iPad at the Centquatre! ★ 
Featured at CHI 2013 conference
Featured at NIME 2012 conference
Developed with CataRT, Cinder and its Cocoacid.org wrapper.
A research within Topophonie.fr.