Creative director

User Studio is France's pioneering innovation by design agency that I've co-founded with Matthew Marino and Denis Pellerin in 2009.

Amongst the many things I do as the creative director, one of my favorite is researching and building the projects that demonstrate the future of our studio's vision. UX & UI are my main tools, imaging software does the rest. Oh, and plenty of code as well.

Interaction designer, creative tech

On this website, I publish (experimental) apps, crazy tangible interaction works-in-progress, code and articles on the closely related matter of designing & coding "authoring tools": one of the subjects I'm most interested in is indeed building creative artifacts for others to play and make art with.

Design & Processing teacher

And because life is not fun if you don't get to share what you like, I also tutor young designers at Ensci-les Ateliers during short workshops or whole semesters, and I teach Processing and creative coding in general at CRAS – Mains d'Œuvres.

I was design-educated at the Ensci-les Ateliers and the Media Lab Helsinki.

Collaborators include